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Life Skills, Coaching, Treatment,
Education and Training

Life Coaching  &  Enrichment Re-Entry Programs

Mother and Daughter

These programs assist with understanding that a relationship can only be healthy if each partner understands and practices boundaries. This lesson stresses that each person is responsible for feelings, actions, and reactions - and they can choose to be in control.


This re-entry program provides services to men and women. Release Services are intended to prepare offenders for transition from incarceration to normal life within the community.

Re-Entry Services

To aid in holistic development, we offer personal coaching and educational services for anyone needing guidance. We cover a wide variety of topics.

Life Skills
Fathers and Sons

Offers an array of support services with an emphasis on engaging non-custodial and custodial fathers to support the well- being of their children through education, training and with personal development with a focus on family strengthening.

Strive Fatherhood

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