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Providing support coordination for the following Programs:

•Care Coordination
•Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, (IDD Waiver)
•Home Community based Waivers. (HCB Waiver)

Understanding Our Scope

Meeting client's needs for high-quality health care services is the primary purpose of care coordination. We take it upon ourselves to organize our client's medical activities and distribute the information among all of the parties involved. This allows for a smoother and more efficient process. Aside from the clients specific requirements being known beforehand, the information is also relayed to the right people ahead of time.

Who We Cover

Care coordination services are provided for all Medicaid recipients. We assist seniors and individuals that are living with a disability or dual diagnoses. You can trust us to help you gain access to required waivers and other state plan services, be they medical, social, or educational. This is paid for by a state grant for clients.


Once individuals are enrolled, the home- and community-based care coordinators will manage the planning process. This begins with the development of a service plan, and follows with an ongoing monitoring of all services. The last step involves renewing the service plan, which is done annually. All of our client-focused care coordinators stay in frequent contact with recipients to continuously meet their needs.