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Assisting Individuals with the Courage to Change Their Lives

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Male Programs

Move Forward in Life

Restore Inc. offers valuable life skills to individuals from all walks of life. We also provide crisis intervention to help you in whatever obstacle
you are facing.

If you feel helpless and overwhelmed with your current situation, it's time to seek our help. We conduct interventions for just about any type of crisis, from drug addiction to domestic abuse. Lean on us for full emotional support and case management. With our life coaching programs we can assist you if you are working with OCS through our parenting classes.


Male Advocacy Programs

Our goal is to provide men with sources, news and information as they relate to every aspect of their situation or circumstances. We focus on the five areas where men's rights are often violated and neglected; abuse, fatherhood, financials and paternity.

Life Skill Classes & Life Coaching Programs

Learn life skills that will help you succeed in your financial, social, and professional lives. Covering subjects such as budgeting, money management, bill paying, and checking and savings account management. These lessons are essential for anyone who needs to take control of their finances. Our life coaches also help you in your job search and give you tips on how to thrive in the industry you're working in. We assist individuals on how to boost their self-confidence and manage stress. Our life coaching program also helps them develop:

• Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills
• Health, Personal self-care and Hygiene
• Stress Management Techniques
• Anger Management Education
• Chore and House Keeping Skill Building
• Laundry skills
• Social Communication Skills
• Cooking/ meal preparation
• Budgeting
• Etiquette coaching

Job Training
We provide job training and support while seeking employment whether it is intensive or transitional. Our job coaches provide one-on-one training tailored to meet the needs of individuals we are assisting.
We also offer supportive employment to assist with individuals with disabilities. We provide the following assistance:

• Clarification of career goals
• Assisting with completing job applications, Interviews, understanding benefit
• Preparing a resume and helping to develop, obtain and maintain a job
• Travel training
• Job site training and advocacy
• Intensive training on specific work tasks
• Developing effective communication and proper workplace behavior/dress code
• Acting as a liaison between work supervisors and coworkers
• On and off site support available.

"Not Everything That Is Faced Can Be Changed, But Nothing Can Be Changed Until It Is Faced"