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Positive Partnerships and Healthy Relationships

Our positive parenting classes in Fairbanks, AK contain several modules.


Couple Advice

A relationship can only be healthy if each partner understands, respects, and practices proper boundaries. This class stresses that each person is responsible for their own feelings, actions, reactions, and that they can choose to be in control. We address the following:
• Single Parenting
• Positive Partnership
• Healthy Boundaries
• Cohabitation
• Making marriage a choice
• Staying Married  

Parenting Enrichment Program

Our female enrichment programs (Purpose) and the male enrichment program (Strive) will teach participants several life skills. We focus on engaging both custodial and non-custodial parents to support the well-being of their children. This Enrichment Program will assist moms with supportive services, identify and overcome barriers they face in maintaining an active role in their children’s lives, becoming and remaining current on financial obligations to their children, and finding ongoing support in the community.

Purposeful Parenting "Is About Me"

This series is the foundational level for entering and recognizing the journey into womanhood. The 25 lesson study focuses on identity and gives an overview of basic female and parental issues. It will help individuals deal with various identity issues by looking back at past wounds and other situations that may have distorted their idea of mothering. It assists parents with effective tools for raising their children. In addition to taking responsibility for their own actions, attitudes, and emotions. The goal of this module is to help bring order to problematic family circumstances and to guide families into better ways of relating.

Support Groups

M.O.M Talk (Meeting of Moms) and D.A.D Talk (Dads All Day) are separate open-forum discussions that give parents a confidential place to talk about concerns, challenges, and life situations. Brainstorm productive strategies and gain effective ways of communication while voicing your concerns in a welcoming group setting.

Practical Parenting

As a part of this Female Parenting Enrichment Program, parents and mothers are educated about practical parenting styles and skills.  Emphasis is placed on the critical need for the mother and father to be a caregiver and active in parenting their children as well as the serving as positive role models for their children in our communities.