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Special Circumstances

The Special Circumstances module was created to help address specific situations that may not affect every client, but when they do, the results can be devastating.

Effects of Child Abuse Within the Family
Citing specific situations, we cover child abuse, its impact, and the never-ending cycle it creates.

• Physical Abuse | • Neglect | • Psychological Abuse | • Sexual Abuse | • Verbal Abuse

Effects of Drug Abuse Within the Family
We also educate moms-to-be on how drug use can affect their child. With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome as an example, we show the true harm drugs can do to you and your baby both before and after they are born.

• Alcohol | • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome | • Heroin | • Crystal Meth | • Marijuana | • Cocaine | • Other drugs and their effects

Effects of Losing a Child Within the Family
We also have modules to help parents work through the hurt and pain of a miscarriage.
and the adoption process. How to say Good-bye and how to pick up the pieces, helps assist with the difficulties of the choice the client has made, whether by choice or mandated and is deciding to go through adoption or the loss of a child through neglect or other special circumstances such as foster care or are placed in protective custody.

Effects of Domestic Violence Within the Family
The mission of our domestic violence intervention module is to provide comprehensive support and advocacy services to victims / survivors. Focusing on immediate and long term safety, empowerment, dignity, hope and the effects it has on adults, children, adolescents and families.

Physical Abuse  | • Psychological Abuse• Mental Anguish | • Emotional Abuse

Effects of Changes that Occur Within the Family
This Module talks about how families change over time based on situations that occur within the family, either after divorce or separation.

  • Working Mothers | • Stay-at-home Mothers• Single Parents | • Blended Families | • Absent Parents